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Do you have nothing to do on Friday? Girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up? Feeling a little lonely? Do you want something to do, that’s conveniently placed at 8PM ET? Wondering why we’re asking you all of these strange questions that you could never truly answer? Then you want The Friday Night Tech Show, Presented by ..::XANA::.. Creations.

Based off the badly deduced, unstoppable, off-the-wall podcast called Tuesday Night Tech, Friday Night Tech aims to sooth, humor, and impress as it continues the Night Tech Podcast series.

Friday Night Tech is created and hosted by the broadcast technology obsessed Paradox as well as many other guest stars as they delve into the endless sea of underground electronic energy.

It all comes live on-air right here, thanks to the XANA Broadcasting Network as well as several syndicated furry broadcasting networks across the globe. You can tune in live on our website to both video and audio feeds, download each episode for free from our archive, subscribe to our podcast RSS feed, or even find us on iTunes for a plethora of insane but sometimes useful information, screwball co-hosts, and the -strangest- IRC Chat room you’ll ever see, streaming live!

Mind-screwing action, every other Friday at 8PM Eastern Time.

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FNT-180: Breaker Dancing

So much for “4 hour extended.” This 5 hour episode is packed with loads of variety; From bangin’ electro, to IDM, to spoken word. With a power failure in the middle and lots of talking beds with our special guest, this episode is loaded, 66 tracks full.

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FNT-178: Quality Control

With a new audio interface and some fresh tracks we throw down a shorter than usual groove and have an extended talking bit near the end. See you all at AC next week!

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FNT-175: Leap Month

A fresh and eclectic mix including a live mix from our special guest Harke. Also, why does everyone keep asking us “what happened to February?” What’s Febuary?

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FNT-172: Duelboot

Rehashed some classics and kept quite a 4×4 beat throughout this episode. If anything there’s good vibes but not much to make it unique.

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