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Do you have nothing to do on Friday? Girlfriend or boyfriend stood you up? Feeling a little lonely? Do you want something to do, that’s conveniently placed at 8PM ET? Wondering why we’re asking you all of these strange questions that you could never truly answer? Then you want The Friday Night Tech Show, Presented by ..::XANA::.. Creations.

Based off the badly deduced, unstoppable, off-the-wall podcast called Tuesday Night Tech, Friday Night Tech aims to sooth, humor, and impress as it continues the Night Tech Podcast series.

Friday Night Tech is created and hosted by the broadcast technology obsessed Paradox as well as many other guest stars as they delve into the endless sea of underground electronic energy.

It all comes live on-air right here, thanks to the XANA Broadcasting Network as well as several syndicated furry broadcasting networks across the globe. You can tune in live on our website to both video and audio feeds, download each episode for free from our archive, subscribe to our podcast RSS feed, or even find us on iTunes for a plethora of insane but sometimes useful information, screwball co-hosts, and the -strangest- IRC Chat room you’ll ever see, streaming live!

Mind-screwing action, every other Friday at 8PM Eastern Time.

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FNT-166: Overfloofed

Take two of an episode consisting of massive build-ups of grungy electro and then a massive downslide of intricate IDM. A stale but well flowing episode. Great if you’re in that mood.

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FNT-164: Hung Like A Podcast

An interesting mix thanks to our guest kitty. This episode was fun to produce. Some bangin’ electro, groovy deep house and of course a round of intricate IDM and downtempo. Definitely a keeper.

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FNT-163: Psy Guns

Our graphic designer joins us this week and brings along some indie tunes; Add that to a nice electro mix, lots of unique intricate stuff including an extended downtempo segment, some typical off kilter banter, and our metadata server in the studio dying of a slow painful death… and you have this episode.

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FNT-162: Well Then

Well then. This was a fun episode to produce. Lots of upbeat for those who enjoy the upbeat, and lots of downtempo for those who enjoy downtempo. :3

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FNT-161: Pizza Vore

It’s good to be back. Tons of new tunes, new vibes, and new guests ahead for this season. Speaking of guests, our good friend from Ireland joined us for this one. Welcome back everyone!

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FNT-160: Journey To The Middle

The episode before the break. It was necessary. Less new, more random drops of great tracks in a not so great order. The individual vibes were good, the flow was not. That said, our guests were fantastic and the future is bright!

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FNT-159: Brit Perfect

One of those “tonight will be a three hour show” that then turns into a four hour show, kinda shows. Seriously though this episode was a blast, especially with our token Doge guest Cueball. Enjoy this extended and fully packed episode!

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FNT-158: I Was The Universe

“I was no-longer frightened of the universe, I WAS the universe.” Another fantastic and slightly extended episode this evening. With the town and city surrounding the studio’s location on lock-down from bad weather, the only thing left to do is kick off an awesome flow of soulful tunage.

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FNT-154: Traditional Synthesizers

One of the best episodes in a while; packed with tons of goodies all over the spectrum. Thanks to all who joined live for the community experience, not to mention the bit-perfect FLAC stream. :3 Also thank you to several friends who provided me with some extra fantastic tracks to drop into the flow. It all worked wonderfully tonight. Enjoy! I know I did!

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FNT-152: Incidental Replica

Quite a different episode this week. First off this episode is only two hours and second off the music is quite a unique selection. While it’s not the best episode to start off on for anyone new, the usual fans might enjoy. Happy listening.

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